05. září 2022

September Meals Menu

5.9. Pea cream/1,7, Spaghetti, creamy tomato sauce with basil, cheese /1,3,7 VEGETARIAN
6.9. Potatoe soup with grits/1,7,9, Beef Stroganoff, long-grain rice/1,7,10
7.9. Beef broth with rice /9, Spaghetti Amatriciana /1,3,7
8.9. Lentil soup/1, Chicken pop corn, mashed potato, cucumber /1,3,7
9.9. Cabbage soup with potatoes/1,7, Chicken with basil and parmesan, fusilli/1,3,7,8-pine
12.9. Broccoli cream /1,3,7,9, Turkey ala pheasant, fusilli /1,3,7
13.9. Potato soup with oatmeal /1,7,9, Sweet and sour chicken with pineapple, jasmine rice/6,7,11
14.9. Chicken broth with specks/1,3,9, Butter chicken, basmati rice/1,7
15.9. Red lentil soup/1.7, Baked chicken, mashed potatoes/1.7
16.9. Vegetable soup with potato/1,7,9, Old Bohemian beef goulash, carrot dumpling/1,3,7
19.9. Tomato soup with rice/1,7, Chicken in cream with vegetables, farfalle/1,3,7,9
20.9. Potato soup with bulgur/1,7,9, Beef with garlic, cabbage, potato dumpling/1,3,7
21.9. Beef broth with tarragon /1,3,9, Čevabčiči balls, mashed potatoes, salad/1,3,7,10
22.9. Chickpea soup with green peas/1, Soy Bolognese, spaghetti, cheese /1,3,6,7,9 VEGETARIAN
23.9. Kulajda soup/1,3,7, Chicken tikka masala, basmati rice/1,7,8
26.9. Cauliflower soup with peas /1,7, Spaghetti Carbonara /1,3,7
27.9. Potato soup with Beluga/1,9, Turkey Stroganoff, wild rice/1,7,10
28.9. nationa holiday
29.9. Pea soup/7,Beef with tomato sauce, bread dumpling/1,3,7,9
30.9. Vegetable soup with potatoes/1,9, Chicken in coconut sauce with coriander, basmati rice/1,7,8


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