Dear parents,


I would like to inform you about the „School year 2023/2024 registration“ to our kindergarten and nursery Piccole Pesti. Please, therefore the communication of your decision no later than 30.5.2023

The capacity of kindergarten is limited. For the new school year we are offering these classes:


1) Preparatory class (for children with postponement of elementary school attendance or with entry to elementary school in September 2024 with the condition of completing 6 years of age by the end of 2023) max. Class capacity 10, 1 class teacher + language teachers

This class will be set up primarily for children and their parents, who for several reasons still prefer a family and calmer environment for one more school year. This class will have its own background and its own curriculum, which will be divided into morning (didactics) and afternoon blocks (leisure activities).

The program will be set up to prepare the children for primary school. The Czech language will prevail and followed by professional subjects in the Italian language and then English language lessons with a native speaker. Details of the class and the teaching schedule will be communicated before the beginning of the school year.


2) Preschoolers (4 - 6 years):.......12 children, 1 teacher 

The program:
Next school year, we will focus on preparing them into primary schools. The program will respect the standards for the pre-school educational program.The Czech/ English/Italian lessons will have a higher degree.

We will work on the formation of vocabulary and communication in all languages and we will work with didactic sheets, explore new drawing techniques, we will learn new songs and dances, we will explore the nature, the rules of everyday life, counting and the alphabet, intense physical exercises. The program will also focus on general preparation to the school. The preschool prog. includes also the swimming lessons and many more.

3) Middle class: (3-4 years) …...12 children,1 teacher + 1 assistant

The program: 

We will learn how to work in group, how to listen and be able to repeat, understand the meaning of words and whole phrases, memorizing the songs and rhymes, explore new drawing techniques.

Listening and repetition of vocabulary in Czech and in English/Italian, listening to a short stories, games and group movement, graphic pictorial activities.Basic didactic sheets. Swimming lessons.

4) Nursery (2 - 3 years):........10 children, 2 teachers 

The program: 

We will learn how to play with our friends, how to work with an interest in the proposed activities, how to build positive relationships with the teachers and everyone around us.

Listening and repetition of vocabulary, listening to a short stories, games and group movement,
music and art teaching.


I would like to remind you that it´s necessary to consider all types of attendance (price list)by the age of a child.