Il nostro team

Administration and Office Staff

1. Veronika Huječková

2. Marco Lovreglio

Czech Team

Veronika Huječková, DiS


Dear parents,

welcome to the Piccole Pesti team page. I´ve built Piccole Pesti with my husband Marco in 2010 as a first czech italian kindergarten and nursery to give a support and education to bilingual families living in Prague.

My work is my passion and I give 100% every single day. 

I´m czech italian and I´ve always seen it as a gift because it gave me the opportunity to learn more languages in a simplier way (eglish, french and russian) and work with more mentalities and points of view.

I´ve studied Pedagogy and Psychology at the Charles University, I have a first aid State Certificate, I have a Yoga for children Certificate and a Professsional Nanny State Certificate.

My two daughters have always been my great inspiration.

I hope to continue to guide all Piccole Pesti children through their childhood as long as possible, because this is my mission



Karolína Dejmková


Dear parents,
my name is Karolína and this is my fourth year in Piccole Pesti. As you may already know I study special pedagogy and school management. Last year I graduated from a bachelor's program in special education and this year I am continuing with a master's degree. This year, my work will focus mainly on the preparatory class and on their preparation of preschool skills. I look forward to creating activities that will spark children's interest and develop their natural learning skills. I approach teaching children in the form of play and experience and also believe that the most effective form of communication is communication with a respectful approach. In my free time, I play the piano and music is my big hobby I would like to pass on my knowledge from this field to your children. Can’t wait to see you all and enjoy another great school year!
Love, Karolína

Tereza Švihovcová


Dear parents,

my name is Tereza and in Piccole Pesti, this year I´m going to work mainly as a preschoolers teacher,  but also as a middle class czech teacher, as I know all these children from the nursery class where have worked for a while.

I enjoy working with all the children , they enriche me and I learn lot from them every single day For me it is true, that you are constantly learning with them. 

I'm a mom of two  (4, 7 y.o.), I believe, being mom inspired me to have a very close relationship to children in kindergarten using my maternal approach. 

I completed two pedagogical courses, teaching assistant course and nanny course. I continue to educate myself in this field and getting better in my profession.

I am looking forward to see all parents and kids, the new and the old one:-), and for the moments we will spend together. 

Tereza <3 

Veronika Zoubková


Dear Parents,

My name is Veronika and I’m 24 years old.

I graduated from a vocational secondary school of pedagogy in the field of preschool and extracurricular pedagogy.

After my studies, I went to Italy, where I worked as an au-pair for two years. Immediately after those years, I dedicated myself to my second passion, baking.

I really enjoy working with children and I’m very happy to find a piece of Italy in Prague, here in Piccole Pesti!

Bc. e Mgr. Anna Dlouhá



Italian team

Eleonora Ranalli


Dear parents,

my name is Eleonora, born and raised in Rome, Italy, where I also took my master’s degree.

I moved to Czech Republic with my family 4 years ago.

We instantly fell in love with Prague, it’s rich culture and quality of life. I’m also the mom of 6-year-old girl.

At the beginning of 2022, I have had the privilege to join Piccole Pesti as assistant teacher, where I could bring my love for young kids to the table. Nurturing them as well as seeing them grow and learn makes me feel a deep sense of purpose.

I have always enjoyed working with children. From babysitting for different families to organizing events, competitions and programs for them, I have always been keep to develop their creativity and motor skills.

Thanks to Piccole Pesti, I am having a chance to focus on children’s development and accompanied them in the first years of their life.

In the 2023/2024 school year I will work again with the nursery and also with the youngster.

During the school year, the children will be immersed in a rich linguistic environment where I model best language practices and encourage the children to communicate.

They will gain a better understanding of their self and will build self-confidence through positive interaction with others.

I'm thrilled to start this adventure with you parents and kids!


Marta Memola


Dear parents, 
My name is Marta and I'm from Italy.
I'm studying "educational Science" in Italy and now I'm joining the "Piccole Pesti" team through the "Erasmus traineeship" program. 
In Italy, I worked as educator in a kindergarten for two years. 
I'm really excited to start this year with kids and teachers as I am genuinely passionate about working with children and dealing with them in a multicultural environment as "Piccole Pesti".
I am looking forward to start this new adventure with your kids and meet you at the school!!

Sofia Lovreglio


Dear parents,

My name is Sofia and I'm the daughter of the directors/creators of Piccole Pesti. I was born in Rome and in raised in Prague, I´m bilingual.
I'm a student and I speak three languages, two of them which are Czech and Italian I speak at a native speaker level and I study English at a B2 level at school. 
Since Piccole Pesti was created, as a young girl I used to be there all the time and as I grew older I realised that I wanted to spend more time there and be part of the team myself and join to work with kids. I would usually help my parents out but I wanted to be a teacher myself and come to teach regularly and have a class of my own. 
I am a creative person myself and I would like to join the team and work with kids and be part of Piccole Pesti.

English team

Arina Suchova


Dear parents, 

My name is Arina, but please, you can call me Ari. 
Many of you already know me since last year and I am really happy to continue my work as an English teacher here at Piccole Pesti. 
I am a certified practicing crisis psychologist and an emotion-image therapist, currently working on my clinical psychology degree.
I was born and raised in Russia. Graduated from an English Gymnasium and have worked as preschool educator and then as an English teacher for kids and adults at two of largest online English language schools in Russia. I was studying psychology in the meantime. 
I find meaning, peace and self-actualization in taking care of people. And while working with adults has it's perks, I love working with kids just as much if not more. Being a part of their development, watching them learn and discover both the world and themselves, being a part of their endless happiness to just be, while making sure they are safe and have all the material and mental necessities to do so, is something that brings me joy so profound and tremendous that I don't think words can explain it. 
With that being said, I can't wait to jump into the new wonderful year in our little Italian island. This year I will be working with the Preparatory, Preschool and Middle classes. And I will make sure it's going to be full of practical vocabulary, fun and crafts. 
I speak English, Russian and somewhat of Czech. So, please, feel free to communicate with me in one of those if you have any questions and requests. I will be very happy to help. 
I am looking forward to seeing all of you very soon and have another year full of great experiences. 
With love and gratitude,